A leader in the design of high and low volume horticultural sprayers, Silvan has evolved into the largest Australasian manufacturer of world-class crop protection sprayers and related machinery. Specialised equipment has been developed for crops including vegetables, grapes, apples, pears, citrus, bananas, olives, sugar cane and turf.

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Spraying Equipment News

Silvan Australia's Turbo SCRAM Vineyard Sprayer Is Winning Vineyard Spray Jobs

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Ingham Lychee Grower Selects A Silvan Supaflo Sprayer As Fresh Fruit Industry Grows In Scale

Lychees have been grown in Australia for over fifty years notwithstanding that they are ... [Read more...]

Silvan's Cannon Jet Sprayers Help Macadamia Growers Meet The Challenges Created By Larger Mature Trees

Although Australia has had a macadamia nut industry for some fifty years it is only recently ... [Read more...]