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  • 1. Why has my diaphragm pump oil level dropped? It doesn't have any external oil leaks. I topped up the oil level twice and now the oil level has dropped again.

    The most common cause is the diaphragms have gone soft and stretched causing the oil level to drop. Diaphragms will require replacement ASAP.

  • 2. What application rate do I need to use on my pasture with my new Econopak?

    We can advise you on how to apply the desired water rate, but when it comes to the chemical
    concentration rate you need to refer to the label on the container (if in doubt – contact an
    agronomist for advice).

  • 3. Can I buy a Silvan tractor mounted sprayer from my local Rural Merchandise Outlet?

    No. Silvan Farm Machinery is only available from authorised Silvan Master Dealers. Please refer to the dealer locater for your closest Master Dealer.

  • 4. How long is the warranty period on Silvan Spraying Equipment?

    Silvan warrants its spraying equipment for a period of 12 months.

  • 5. How do I determine the air chamber pressure of a diaphragm pump?

    The air chamber pressure is relative to spraying pressure. Refer to the operators manual for more information. Ex factory pressure is approximately 80psi.

  • 6. How do l clean my Silvan sprayer?

    Tanks should be flushed out with at least 10% of the tanks capacity with clean water. Be sure to flush all booms, spray guns and other componentry. This should be repeated again with clean water & Silvan All Clear tank cleaner. See the All Clear label for directions.

  • 7. How many PSI is equal to 1 bar?

    1 bar = 14.503774 PSI (14.504) psi

  • 8. Where can I purchase Silvan Farm Machinery?

    Silvan Farm Machinery is only available from authorised Silvan Master Dealers. Please refer to the dealer locater for your closest Master Dealer.

  • 9. My Breviglieri rotary hoe or power harrow is causing inadequate soil crumbling.

    Lower the rear hood or roller depending on application, decrease the working speed and avoid working in soils with too much moisture.

  • 10. Why can’t I buy machinery direct from Silvan?

    Silvan is a Wholesaler. We rely on our dealer network to pre-deliver machinery and provide after sales support.

  • 11. The rotor(s) is clogged or obstructed on my Breviglieri rotary hoe or power harrow.

    The soil is too wet to work properly, the machine needs to be lifted to clear the blades, reduce the working speed and avoid working in conditions with high crop residues or grass in un-worked soil.

  • 12. Is there a Hopper grid cover and Hydraulic control available for the PL-500 spreader?

    Yes. Part number 642010 for the cover and 619010 for the hydraulic control.

  • 13. What is the difference between hammer blades & Y blades on our mulchers?

    The hammer blades tend to give a flatter finish (like a mower), they do though require more horse power to run. The Y blades are more suited for inter-row mulching (vineyards / orchards),
    This is for a couple of reasons. The Y blades are double-sided so when you wear the leading edge out you can turn the blade around. Also the Y blades leave a slightly corrugated finish which allows the mulched matter to break down a lot faster because there is more air flow under the mulched matter.

  • 14. What is the difference between a slasher and a mulcher?

    A slasher only cuts the grass and then tends to leave the cut grass in wind rows – the wind rows take a
    long time to break down and during that time the soil tends to spoil underneath the windrow. A
    mulcher on the other hand mulches the grass to a very fine consistency and then it distributes it evenly
    across the width of the mulcher, so no wind rows are left and the grass breaks down back into the soil

  • 15. Will a SP150 / PL-500 / TSP-500 / SX-500GALHOP or an oscillating spreader (SQTF) spread lime or Gypsum?

    No. The problem with lime is that it tends to “cake up” and becomes almost solid, so a couple of things
    will happen. Firstly the product won’t spread and secondly there is a good chance that something will
    break inside the spreader because they aren’t designed for that type of product. The only machine that
    will successfully spread products like Lime & Gypsum are belt spreaders and they
    are generally much more expensive than the generic PL-500 (Seed & fertilizer spreaders).

  • 16. How long is the warranty period on Silvan Farm Machinery?

    12 months on Nobili, DCM and Sitrex. 24 months on Breviglieri products and Silvan Slasher drivelines.

  • 17. Why do the blades or hammers wear quickly on my Nobili Mulcher?

    The working position is too low so the blades or hammers are touching the ground. Adjust the height of
    the rotor in relation to the ground.

  • 18. Why does my Nobili Mulcher vibrate excessively?

    A. The blades or hammers are worn or broken. Replace the worn or broken parts.

    B. The blades or hammers are locked by pins. Clean and grease or replace pins.

    C. The rotor balancing is not correct. Check the weight of the blades or hammers to ensure they are the

    D. The rotor bearings are worn. Remove and replace bearings and seals.

  • 19. Why is my Nobili Mulcher's rotor speed low and cutting poorly?

    A. The belt tension is poor. Adjust the belt tension according to the operator’s manual.

    B. The belts are worn. Replace the belts.

  • 20. My Breviglieri rotary hoe or power harrow is not operating to the correct working depth.

    Readjust the skids or roller as required, decrease the working speed or, in very hard soils, it may be necessary to make multiple shallow passes to achieve correct working depth.

  • 21. My Breviglieri rotary hoe or power harrow is causing excessive soil crumbling.

    Raise the rear hood or roller depending on the application or increase the working speed.

  • 22. How do I set up my new Selecta 3G Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera?

    We have created an easy-to-follow YouTube video to help you set up the SECURE100-3G Security Camera. Click on the below link to get started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIqErT6GOPM

  • 23. Can you move the camera on the CCTV System remotely?

    No, cameras are in a fixed position and cannot be altered from the phone or the monitor.

  • 24. Can I use my Fire Fighter as a Sprayer?

    No, Silvan does not endorse this practice. Residual chemical in a tank or line may act as an accelerant in a fire and can also pose health risks to those using a fire fighter if they are exposed to those chemicals.

  • 25. Can I use a boom with my Redline trailer?

    Yes. Our Redline trailer kits can be ordered with a boomless jet kit which has been designed specifically to match each models pump outputs, ensuring an even pressure and distribution giving you a 2m (55lt) and 3m (100lt) spray width. If you require a broader spray width please talk to your local dealer about our Spotpak range.

  • 26. Can I use a Triam or Jetpro gun on LOW Pressure (eg. 12v Pumps)?

    Yes, it will still work efficiently, but due to lower flow rates, ensure the nozzle size suits your application.

  • 27. I have a SQ400-S8-1 Spot sprayer and would like to know what boom spray options are available?

    Please refer to page 43 of the Rural Lifestyle Guide.

  • 28. What features are standard on the 100L Utepak or 200L Trukpak?

    • Both the Utepak and Trukpak sprayers are supplied with 6m of 10mm ID chemical resistant hose, PA series High Quality spray gun with 500mm extension lance with flat fan nozzle
    • The UV Stabilized Polytuff Tank has in built carry handles and inserts in the bottom for mounting, spill proof lid plus basket and Drain assembly
    • Trukpak factory fitted options: RP1-24-3 pressure regulator and M99-75 Boomless nozzle
    • Also fitted with the Aquatec range of pumps

  • 29. Can Selecta Diesel Mechanical litre counters operate gravity fed?

    Yes, only two models though the PF12 and PF14 are suitable for gravity feed.

  • 30. How long does the JS012 jump start take to charge?

    Usually around 90mins for full charge.

  • 31. What capacity pump do I need for my boom sprayer?

    Use the following formula.
    Pump output required (L/min) = (Application rate (l/ha) x Speed (kmh) x Boom width (m))/600. Then allow 20% of the tank volume extra for agitation.

  • 32. What length of hose can I run on with the 7L / 100 psi smoothflo pump?

    Up to 30m of 10mm ID hose.

  • 33. Why does my Triam gun leak from the nozzle?

    If it is a gun you have had for a while and been using then most likely the main seat (the rubber washer under the nozzle cap) is worn/damaged and needs replacing. If it is a brand new gun then check the washer has been installed correctly and the gun seat (green plastic dome) is adjusted correctly.

  • 34. What’s the part number of the replacement pump for a 55L Redline SP55-R1?

    Part Number 381-35.

  • 35. What size Silvan sprayer can I fit on my ATV?

    Generally a 20, 50 or 70 Litre spray tanks will be ok, BUT
    Warning: Refer to Vehicle or ATV manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate load and towing limits and fitting positions. Never fill the spray tank capacity to exceed the vehicle or ATV manufacturer’s specified safe load carrying capacities. Note: 1 Litre of water = 1kg.

  • 36. Can Selecta Diesel Auto shut off guns operate Gravity Fed?

    No, certainly not. Auto shut off guns require a minimum 30psi pressure to open.

  • 37. What is the flow rate on the 200L Dieselpower unit?

    40 Litres per minute.

  • 38. What size diesel transfer units do we offer?


  • 39. What pump is fitted to the Redline 55L?

    2.6 L/min open flow 50 psi pump, product code 381-35.

  • 40. What is the maximum amount of hose that can be fitted to the remote hose reel?

    150 Metres.

  • 41. What size retractable reels are available?

    10m or 15m.

  • 42. Are the battery cameras fully waterproof?

    They are not completely waterproof, but are water resistant when sealed correctly and are designed to be outdoors.

  • 43. Can I get all replacement parts for the FC440 cooler?

    Yes, Silvan stock all spare parts for these units and can be ordered in the normal way.

  • 44. Can I get the 100m tough reel with only 30 or 50m on it?

    No, not currently.

  • 45. Can I get parts for the Redline Series of Sprayers?

    Yes. A full range of parts are available for the Redline Series of Sprayers, including lance, pump, lid and hose.

  • 46. What is the purpose of a pressure switch on the end of a 12V Pump?

    When the spray lance or spraying apparatus is turned off & the flow stops, pressure builds up in the hose/pump, which turns off the Pump at a predetermined pressure.

  • 47. Can the Selecta range of Diesel units be used to transfer petrol?

    No, the 12V pumps used on our Diesel transfer range are not rated for Petrol and the tanks are not suitable for the use of petrol storage either.

  • 48. What is the benefit of fitting a regulator kit to my sprayer?

    Fitting a regulator kit allows you to apply the desired pressure suitable for the nozzles, assists in achieving accurate spray calibration results and also allows for the recirculation of fluid back into the supply tank.

  • 49. How can I check that my tractor speed is accurate?

    Use the following formula. (3.6 x Distance covered in metres)/seconds = Kmh
    Example: Distance covered = 100 metres. Time taken = 60 seconds. Then 3.6 x 100 / 60 = 6 Kmh

  • 50. What is the maximum PTO revs I can use for my diaphragm pump?

    The maximum PTO revs for a diaphragm pump is 540 rpm.

  • 51. 25L Redline Rechargeable Spotpak Sprayer (SP25-B). How long does the battery last between charges?

    You can expect to spray around 4 tanks from a fully charged battery before needing to recharge.

  • 52. Can I use PL and SX Spreaders to spread lime?

    Powdered lime will not spread well with a spinner type spreader, options to buy a prilled type lime or upgrade to our Rondini Osolating type spreader while not doing a perfect job on powdered lime it is a better option for small scale applications.

  • 53. Are parts available for 12V pumps if something goes wrong?

    Yes, contact your local Silvan/Selecta dealer, they will be able to help you find the parts you need.

  • 54. Do I need to run a regulator with my 12 volt pump if I want to boom spray?

    Yes, it’s ideal to run a regulator to ensure correct spray pressures, please refer to Accessory Fitment chart on page 43 of our Rural Lifestyle Guide Booklet. Also, the DDP-552A Smoothflo pump has a built in regulator internal bypass. So you wouldn’t need to add a regulator for this pump.

  • 55. What type of nozzle can I run in my hand gun?

    Depending on the style of your hand gun you have for example, 410-51 Spotjet you can run flat, air inducted nozzles or a disc and adjustable jet from direct spray to fan spray.

  • 56. What size boom can I run with my pump?

    Refer to our Accessory Fitment chart on page 43 of our Rural Lifestyle Guide Booklet for information regarding boom applications and pump sizing.

  • 57. I need to replace my diesel tank pump, which pump is best better ‘DieselPower’ or ‘DieselPro’?

    Both pumps are imported and made to world class specifications. High volume users tend to use the Piusi pump as it deliveries 45L/min compared to 40L/min with the Dieselpower unit.

  • 58. Why is my 12 volt pump turning on and off all the time – spray is pulsing?

    Adjustable nozzle screwed up restricting flow, excessive restriction in nozzle or hose or nozzle size too small. Also the spray gun may be blocked by chemical for example, also check that everything for flow side of the pump is not blocked. Pump is pulsing as cannot disperse enough fluid quickly enough to match the flow specs of the pump.

  • 59. What does the pressure switch on my 12 volt pump do?

    When the gun is turned off and the flow stops, pressure builds up in the hose and pump, the pressure switch then turns the pump off at a predetermined pressure.

  • 60. Can I use Access and Diesel mixture in a Spotpak or Redline 12v sprayer?

    No, as the 12V pumps are not compatible with diesel.

  • 61. How often should I change the oil in my Comet diaphragm pump?

    After 350hrs of use change the oil as well as diaphragms at the same time.

  • 62. How many images can I store on Selecta security cameras with an 8GB SD card?

    You can store up to approx 5,600 images and 11,300 on a 16GB SD card.

  • 63. How many cameras can the CCTV Sentinel Wireless Surveillance kit support?

    It can support up to 4 cameras situated up to 150m away from monitor.

  • 64. How long will the LED Solar Shed Light stay on for?

    It will automatically come on at night and stay on for approx 7hrs.

  • 65. What sort of impellor is fitted to the Selecta power fire fighting pumps?

    A twin impellor.

  • 66. What’s the part number of the spray gun fitted to the Smoothflo Spotpaks and Rakpaks?

    Part Number 410-51.

  • 67. Can Shurflo 12V pumps pump Diesel, Petrol or other flammable liquids and solvents?

    No. Not under any circumstances.

  • 68. What application are Silvan Nylon Roller Pumps suitable for?

    Nylon Roller pumps can be used for high pressure washing, water transfer and Herbicide Spraying. Not suitable for corrosive chemicals.
    Note: When the pump is being stored you must lubricate the inner housing and rollers with Gear oil or Engine Oil. Leave oil in pump while not in use. For re-use clean and wash out oil before use.

  • 69. What features are standard on the Spotpak sprayer?

    • Now fitted with Aquatec 12 volt pumps
    • On/off switch
    • 6m of 8mm ID chemical resistant delivery hose
    • High Quality Spotjet spray pistol with 600mm Stainless Steel Lance and an adjustable nozzle
    • For easy connection to your 12 volt power source we have also included a 3mtr wiring loom with Alligator clips and in line fuse for protection
    • For filtration purposes we have supplied an inline suction filter
    • The flow capacity is 6.8L/m and 60psi maximum pressure
    • 12 month warranty

  • 70. Why is there a black zip tie included with the operator manual with my new 12V sprayer?

    It is supplied so it can attach the delivery hose to the on/off switch bracket. This allows the hose not to be pulled too hard and breaking the delivery elbow.

  • 71. Is Viton in Shurflo pumps necessary?

    • For AG chemicals, the standard Santoprene valves are suitable for most applications
    • For special applications, different Viton valves and diaphragms may be required
    • Whenever selecting a pump, you should always refer to a chemical compatibility chart (refer to Silvan customer service on 1300 SILVAN to match the chemical to be used with your pump
    • Silvan now distribute a Shurflo pump that is fully Viton equipped (Diaphragm & Valves) model 361-8000-342-136

  • 72. What applications are Silvan Red Poly tanks suitable for?

    The Silvan Polytuff Red Tanks are suitable for all Ag Chemicals & water. The tanks are UV Stabilized and are made from Polyethylene. They are available from 14L to 2200L capacities. Never, under any circumstances enter the tank.
    Warning- Refer to Vehicle or tractor manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate load and towing limits and fitting positions. Never fill the spray tank capacity to exceed the vehicle or tractor manufacturer’s specified safe load carrying capacities. Note: 1 Litre of water = 1kg.

  • 73. What applications are Selecta Grey Poly tanks suitable for?

    The Selecta Polytuff Grey Tanks are suitable for Diesel. The tanks are UV Stabilized and are made from a specific Polyethylene for Diesel storage. They are available from 100L to 2200L capacities.
    Warning- Refer to Vehicle or tractor manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate load and towing limits and fitting positions. Never fill the spray tank capacity to exceed the vehicle or tractor manufacturer’s specified safe load carrying capacities. Note: 1 Litre of Diesel = approx 0.86Kg

  • 74. What advantages does baffling create for Silvan Polytuff Tanks?

    Baffling reduces the surge of fluids inside the tank.

  • 75. What features are standard on Selecta 12 volt Dieselpaks?

    • UV Stabilized Poly Tank specifically designed to store and transfer Diesel
    • A High Quality self-priming Vane pump. Auto shut off gun with stainless steel swivel adaptor, 4m of 19mm ID delivery hose, 4m wiring loom with Alligator clips and an internal suction filter
    • Standard flow rate of 40L/Min with optional higher flow capacity pumps on Larger Tank models. Ie:800, 1000 and 2200L
    • 5m of 19mm ID Diesel Transfer hose, Auto shut off gun with Stainless Steel swivel adaptor, 4m wiring loom with Alligator clips and internal suction filter
    • Lockable trigger models Standard on all Low profile models
    • Some models have lockable filling lids and earth straps
    • See the range on our website for your tank of choice

  • 76. How can I permanently fix a Dieselpak to the back of my 4WD Utility?

    • Part of the Diesepak range is the 200L Low Profile model SQDN200L-X1
    • The Tank is fitted with brass female inserts in the bottom specifically designed for tray mounting
    • All other Dieselpaks including the 800L can be mounted by Heavy Duty ratchet straps
    • For the 1000L capacity Dieselpak we have a 033-999-KIT available for Bolting the Tanks with Moulded Legs to a suitable Tray or Deck
    • NOTE: Also available are steel forkable mounting frames, product code 430-113 or 430-114.
    Warning - Refer to Vehicle or tractor manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate load and towing limits and fitting positions. Never fill the Dieselpak tank capacity to exceed the vehicle or tractor manufacturer’s specified safe load carrying capacities. Note: 1 Litre of Diesel =.approx 0.86Kg

  • 77. Can I fit longer hose to my Dieselpak?

    Yes, a maximum of 15m of hose before excessive wear on the pump is created and a large amount of open flow capacity is decreased.

  • 78. How long can I run the pump on my Dieselpak?

    All Diesel Pumps have a 30 minute duty cycle under normal conditions.
    30 minutes on and 30 minutes off and include an Internal Bypass in the Head of the pump that can protect the pump and motor from excessive wear and tear. Always ensure that you have read and understood the pumps operation manual.

  • 79. Can I fit a Litre counter to my Selecta Dieselpak Tank?

    Yes, all Dieselpaks can be fitted with a Litre counter. The PF11 (K24) can be fitted inline to any tank size within the Dieselpak range with hosetails to connect the counter to the desired ID of hose.
    Mechanical litre counter kits ie 515040-1 and 515040-2 are also available and can be fitted to Dieselpaks from 300L to 800L capacity.
    Contact customer service on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) for the kit to suit your application.

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