Silvan’s new Tall Tree Sprayer reaches higher and travels faster than prior models, thanks to new systems developed in response to customer feedback

A new twin conveyor fan system helps drive spray higher than before on Silvan’s Tall Tree Sprayer (TTS), now available Australia-wide.

Unveiled at the Primex Field Days in Casino, the latest addition to Silvan’s growing orchard sprayer range offers operators increased efficiency and effectiveness in spraying taller trees, such as macadamias.

Instead, the TTS sprays chemicals where they are needed – up high – both to ensure the chemicals are reaching the relevant parts of the trees but also to minimise potential damage to any buildings or infrastructure which may surround the paddock.

To do this, Silvan developed the TTS with a twin conveyor fan system which has been designed to deliver large droplets to the top of the tree.

Flexibility in the fan allows for smaller trees to also be sprayed through hydraulics, which can adjust the angle of each conveyor.

Released following extensive field trials and feedback from customers, the TTS also boasts a faster ground speed – helping to both reduce fuel costs and save on labour by cutting the amount of time spent on the job.

Silvan Australia spraying product specialist David Carr says the TTS will help growers to further improve the efficiency of their spraying operations.

“In developing the TTS we have taken on board feedback from orchard owners and managers,” he says.

“The challenge they face is controlling pests at the top of very tall trees and the TTS fan system has been specifically designed to meet that challenge.”

“Everyone in the field is driven by improving efficiency and productivity across their entire operation and we believe that the Silvan TTS has the potential to spray effectively at higher ground speeds and in so doing reducing input costs,” Carr says.

The TTS is available now around Australia, however Silvan currently has limited stock available – with orders likely to be received late in the current season and into next season.

A fully galvanised steel chassis forms the basis of the TTS, which is available in either 3500 or 4000 litre tank capacities.

Buyers will also have the choice between a Comet diaphragm pump or a hydraulic drive centrifugal pump, depending on the application.

The TTS features a two-speed gearbox, with the fan capable of performing at 65 power take-off (PTO) horsepower at low speed and 85 PTO horsepower at a high speed (dependant on tank size and terrain).

Other features of the TTS include the suspension axles and electric controls with in-cab pressure adjustment. Silvan also provides the option to include a Bravo 180S spray rate controller and flotation tyres.



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