Welcome Winter!

New products feature in our winter catalogue out this month .

Our  28-page winter catalogue, which is on sale from May 17 to July 15, features 16 pages devoted to Silvan Selecta products wrapped around a 12-page insert showcasing Silvan spraying and machinery equipment.

Among the Silvan Selecta products are three new models: two motorised Squatpak sprayers, with either 300 or 400-litre tanks; an optional 4-metre tow bar boom and a Lightfoot 300 litre trailed sprayer with six-metre spray boom and 30m hose reel.

New model motorised Squatpak sprayers

Featured on the cover of the catalogue these two motorised Squatpak sprayers are ideally suited for side-by-side vehicles, utilities and trailers.

The sprayers, which come with either 300 or 400L baffled tanks are the perfect combination for distance, spot spraying applications on blackberries, providing a straight stream of up to 15 metres through the use of the adjustable Atomiser spray gun. Product features include a poly tuff tank with an internal baffle to reduce surge when travelling, a Honda GX120 engine with a 6:1 reduction gearbox and Comet Italian positive displacement diaphragm pump and an eco lockable hose reel with 30m x 10mm hose. Listed benefits include a low squat design, a reliable engine and a low maintenance pump, which has the capacity to deliver an open flow of 18.5L/minute and deliver 20bar/290psi of maximum pressure. Controls include a regulator with pressure adjustment and bypass, gauge and two outlets, one for the hose reel and the other for an optional boom.

RRP:   300L $4298 incl GST            – Product code: L03H2-34-1

            400L $4398 incl GST            – Product code: LO4H2-34-1


New model 4m tow bar boom

 This new model 4 metre boom is ideal for applications where a conventional larger boom cannot be used due to obstacles such as power poles, guardrails, fences and trees. Among the benefits are being able to transport it in a cross fold position and having a break-back facility if there are obstructions. It fits into the 50mm square socket of most side by side vehicles and ATVs. Product features include a galvanised boom, a cab-controlled on/off switch to control the boom spray, a steel mounting bracket offering four different height settings and stainless, long-life steel spray bars with non-drop modules and air induction nozzles to assist in drift reduction.

RRP $1496 incl GST – Product code: RP1-33


New model motorised Lightfoot trailed sprayer with 6m spray boom

This new sprayer is ideal for spot spraying either on-farm or off-road over large areas. It provides a powerful straight stream up to 15m to a fine mist, which is ideal for distance spraying applications like blackberry spraying. The sprayer features a 300-litre poly tuff tank with calibrated fill markings and a heavy-duty chassis with a  400mm adjustable drawbar. It is also equipped with a solid steel axle with steel rims and mudpuppy tyres. Another feature is a Honda GX120 engine coupled to a Comet Italian MC20/20 diaphragm pump, which provides a maximum 20 bar/290psi pressure through the two outlets, adjustable control valve. The sprayer also comes with a 30m x 10mm long eco lockable hose reel and adjustable Atomiser spray gun, a heavy-duty 6m galvanised boom, stainless steel spray bars and non-drip modules with air induction nozzles to assist with drift reduction. An on/off switch to close the liquid flow to the spray boom is also added. With the boom closed the unit is 2190mm long x 2049mm wide x 1300mm high.

RRP: $6599 incl GST  –  product code: LT30-34-3

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