Townsville District Vegetable Farmer Quin Nguyen Invests In A New Silvan Super Series Linkage Sprayer

A long satisfaction with a Silvan Linkage Sprayer has led to Townsville district vegetable grower Quin Nguyen investing in a new larger tank capacity Silvan Super Series Linkage Sprayer.
Quin who farms at Alligator Creek, about twenty kilometres south of Townsville, specialises in growing basil which he supplies into southern markets.
He says he began growing green vegetables about twenty years ago starting out with a Silvan 400 litre tank capacity Linkage Sprayer but he reckons that over the years “it has earned its keep until I virtually wore it out”.
So, Quin called on his local Silvan dealers Tracpower in Townsville whose salesman Bob Lauro introduced him to Frank Torrisi Silvan’s Townsville based area manager and horticultural specialist for northern Queensland.
Collectively all three determined that the latest Silvan Super Series Linkage Sprayer with a 1,100 litre Polytuff tank would be the ideal fit for Quin’s scale (about ten hectares) his crop inputs and intensity of growing operation.
Moreover that a Devil Boom HD 15 metre width spray boom with hydraulic folding would ideally match Quin’s row spacings, field movements and farming practices.
And that is the way the investment has worked out with Quin expressing satisfaction with both the Silvan product and its commissioning with Tracpower’s Bob Lauro and Silvan’s Frank Torrisi delivering, setting up and calibrating the new Silvan Super Series Linkage Sprayer to his satisfaction.
The Silvan Super Series Linkage Sprayers are a real workhorse product line used extensively by farmers and contractors across a diversity of applications in vegetable production, horticulture, pasture management and lifestyle property applications.
A key feature is the choice of a spray tank to suit with capacity versions available with 400, 600 or 800 litres up to 1,100 litres of tank capacity.
There is also an extensive choice of boom assemblies with widths and folding functions to suit the dimensions of the places where the sprayer will be employed.
There is even a choice of a high or low capacity diaphragm pumps to suit the application requirements and spray patterns.
The 1,100 litre capacity Silvan Super Series also comes complete with a chemical probe and bottom fill so that occupational health and safety when filling the spray tank is enhanced.
For technical specifications of a Silvan Super Series Linkage Sprayer to suit specific requirements email [email protected], see the website or call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) for local dealer information.
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Silvan’s Frank Torrisi handing over the new Silvan Super Series 1,100 Litre Linkage Sprayer to local district vegetable grower Quin Nguyen.

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