Sivan’s U.S. Build Aquatec 12 Volt Pumps Suit Numerous Applications

The Aquatec range of 12-volt DC pumps are the ideal choice for applications in agricultural and horticultural spraying, small industrial applications, marine uses and for general water transfer duties.
Numerous pumping or spraying applications can access the battery power supply of the vehicle used as a towing source, while simple solar power systems can provide for recreational and marine pumping duties.
Silvan Australia is the exclusive distributor of the proven US manufactured range of twelve volt pumps with one of the key New Aquatec Pumps designated as model DPP-555.
With a high volume open flow of fourteen litres per minute and a maximum pressure of 4 bar (60 psi or 413 KPA) the Aquatec DPP 555 is adopted by Silvan as the pump of choice for its twelve-volt trailed and compact self-contained Selecta sprayer range for weed control, grounds maintenance and fenceline management that offers tank sizes up to 200 litres.
The Aquatec range outperforms similar pumps for both pressure and flow with its five chamber diaphragm and are recognised for their durability and low maintenance needs. Fitted with a pressure sensing switch the pump sprays on demand.
The Aquatec 12-volt range is fitted with durable Viton valves and a Santoprene diaphragm and as a positive displacement pump that operates without surging.
They also have a low 12-volt current draw of eleven amps maximum making them suited to operating from a vehicle power supply.
The twelve-volt motor is built with quality roller bearings fitted to each end of the driveshaft and they are IP55 rated and sealed for outdoor use.
Unique quick connect inlet and outlet ports provide easy and compact fitting of hose tails, threaded fittings or a regulator, while the base plate is also in accord with the industry standard design for easy fixing.
For fitting as a replacement or changeover pump each Aquatec is supplied with two quick-connect fittings of half inch size as a barbed elbow and a threaded straight connector.
For further information on the Aquatec range of 12-volt DC pumps contact Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826), email [email protected] or see
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The Aquatec DDP 555 12-volt DC pump shown fitted to a Silvan Selecta 200 litre Trukpak carried spot spray unit is also the perfect choice for similar Selecta boom spray units.
The quality Aquatec twelve-volt pump range also has a host of applications for agricultural spraying, marine and general water transfer needs at a flow rates of 14 litres per minute at pressures of 4 Bar (or 60 psi).
Built in the US to exacting quality and performance standards the Aquatec range is distributed exclusively by Silvan Australia who sell individual pumps, as well as using them as the standard pump choice in their own Selecta range of twelve volt trailed or carried boom or spot spraying rigs. It is supplied with two each of inlet and outlet hose connectors.

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