Trailed SUPAFLO 3500L sprayer

Trailed air assist Supaflo 3500 litre sprayer with 161L/min diaphragm pump, electric controls, a Glideflex axle upgrade, wide angle shaft and a 900mm fan. Ideal for orchards with trees up to 4 metres high. Additional model available with 249L/min pump (DAB36AF7G).

Product Code: DAB33AF7G

Trailed SUPAFLO 3500L sprayer




Tank Size (L):


Connection Type:




Pump Size (L/min):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

1800 / 1830 / 4755

Product Weight (KG):




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    Key Features

    Silvan oil-backed diaphragm type with nitrile diaphragms and corrosion resistant, anodised cast aluminium body with brass heads and manifolds. IDS1701: 161L/min. capacity, 5000kPa pressure.

    900mm axial flow type, 10 bladed fan with curved nylon reinforced blades with air straightening vanes and protective mesh cover. Powerhead and Radak fitted with 920mm axial flow type, 10 bladed fan, centrifugal clutch and protective mesh cover.

    Flip-over type for dilute/concentrate spraying. Ceramic jets, stainless steel swirl-plates. 16 double sided nozzles (8 per side) twist on/off. The Powerhead has 24 double sided nozzles (12 per side) and the Radak has 32 (16 per side).

    40 Bar electric section valves with master valve, electric pressure regulator and in cab controls.

    Galvanised steel with jockey wheel and adjustable drawbar.

    Factory Options

    Powerhead Conveyor (in lieu of standard fan cowling) (D99-184)

    Radak Conveyor - Manual adjustment of top and bottom wings (In lieu of standard fan cowling) (D99-135)

    SCRAM Jet (to suit Radak conveyor) (D99-180)

    Hydraulic kit for Radak Conveyor (top wings) (D99-155B)

    Leaf guard (to suit Powerhead & Radak) (D99-175)

    Two-sided poly vineyard conveyor (D99-111)

    Twin nozzles (includes extra nozzles) (D99-182)

    Bravo 180S automatic rate controller (D99-143)

    BKT flotation tyres 558-400/55 - 22.5 (in lieu of standard singles) (D99-79)

    Tandem suspension axle with 10 x 15” wheels (D99-75)

    Note: Not all options will fit all models. Extra charges may apply to fitment of some options. Fitment of Powerhead & Radak includes upgrade to 920mm fan and uprated gearbox

    Additional model available with 249L/min pump (DAB36AF7G).

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