SCRAM Jet sprayer

The SCRAM Jet utilises a hydraulically driven turbine fan which is positioned above the top wings of the Radak conveyor. The high velocity air stream produced by the fan is directed into the tree canopy to provide targeted coverage in the top of tall trees when used in conjunction with the Radak conveyor. Note: image shows 2000L tank which is not part of Scram Jet.

Product Code: D99-180

SCRAM Jet sprayer





Avocados, mangoes and macadamias.

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    Key Features

    320mm turbine fan hydraulically driven from tractor remotes. Hydraulic motor opposite to air intake with adjustable flow valve and case drain for return oil flow. Fitted with 12V oil cooler. Required hydraulic oil flow: 60L/min at 80 Bar pressure.

    Flip-over type (for dilute/concentrate spraying) or adjustable cannons (2 per side).

    Adjustable aluminium double sided vanes.

    Up to 12 metres (when fitted with Radak).

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