Powerhead Conveyor

The Powerhead is a revolutionary and efficient air conveyor that produces an adjustable spray-laden air stream to match the shape and height of the canopy. Ideal for spraying apples, pears, almonds and stone fruit trees with lower canopies (up to 5m).

Product Code: D99-184

Powerhead Conveyor





Apples, Pears, Almonds and Stone Fruit Trees.

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    Key Features

    Flip-over type for dilute/concentrate spraying. Ceramic hollow cone jets with 24 twist on/off nozzles (12 per side).

    Aluminium construction, double-sided conveyor. Top sections are manually adjustable for tree height, bottom wings adjustable for covering lower branches. Patented Air Volute delivery system.

    Up to 6 metres.

    Up to 5 metres.

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