Trailed 3000 litre pasture sprayer with 121L/min pump and 3 section electric valve controls. Ideal for spraying pasture. Note: infield image shows 2500L Pasture sprayer with optional 15m Devil boom, mudguards and hydraulic lift.

Product Code: 3A0000FA




Dairy & Livestock

Tank Size (L):


Connection Type:


Pump Size (L/min):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

2500 / 2400 / 4400

Product Weight (KG):



Pasture spraying.

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    Key Features

    Silvan self-priming oil-backed diaphragm type with nitrile diaphragms & corrosion resistant cast anodised aluminium body. BP125/20: 121L/m. capacity 2000kPa pressure.

    3 section Silvamatic electric controls with pressure compensating direct acting valves. In cab on/off & pressure adjustment with pressure gauge.

    Factory Options

    BP200/20 pump, 195 L/min. capacity, 2000kPa pressure (J99-82)

    Hydraulic drive centrifugal pump (J99-126)

    5 section Silvamatic electric controls (in lieu) (J99-13)

    Bravo 180S automatic rate controller (in lieu) (J99-146)

    Bravo 180S automatic rate controller to suit hydraulic control (in lieu) (J99-180)

    Mudguards (to suit 14.9 x 24” wheels) (J99-162)

    Adjustable track axle (minimum 1500mm) with 11.2 x 44” Lug tyres (2500L only) (J99-84)

    Simplicity tandem axle with 15” Lug tyres (D99-76)

    2m track axle with 31 x 13.5” Turf tyre (J99-85)

    10, 12, 14 or 15m HD Devil boom with self levelling

    Hydraulic lift, galvanised single hydraulic system - 10, 12, 14 and 15 HD Devil booms (032-40DL)

    Airbag suspension & hydraulic lift (to suit HD Devil boom) (032-40DLAB)

    Parallelogram/airbag suspension (to suit HD Devil boom) (032-40DLAB-2)

    57L Paddock Foam Marker (K99-43)

    Silmix Chemical Hopper (K99-21)

    3 or 5 Section electric over hydraulic control

    Note: Not all options will fit all models. Extra charges may apply to fitment of some options. *When fitting 14 & 15m HD devil boom 032-40DLAB or 032-40DLAB-2 must be added.

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