Silvan Releases New GEO57 Spray Gun With Better Material And User-Friendly Features

When it comes to spraying accessories the product development team at Silvan Australia is working to introduce new products that employ the best of design, ergonomics and material choices.

A key objective is to provide spray guns that give a reliable and long operating life and are easy to use without imposing repetitive stresses and strains on the operator.

Silvan Australia’s spokesman Michael Frost says that typically a cost-effective spray gun from an imported source has provided the distribution solution at the end of a hose.

“The new Silvan GEO57 Spray Gun just released and designed by Silvan joins the rest of the Silvan next generation designed sprayer range, offers superior performance as well as long life materials and a user-friendly design with a balance that reduces fatigue” Michael Frost says.

The body of the GEO57 Spray Gun is constructed from polypropylene reinforced fibreglass with key components like the spring and ball in stainless steel and it operates with a smooth trigger action.

Other components include Viton seals to give a spray gun that is strong with a long operating life and chemical resistance.

The new Silvan Gun is supplied with both half-inch and three-eighth diameter brass hose tails as it is considered likely to be retrofitted to existing hose systems.

The stainless-steel lance measures 490mm with the adjustable cone nozzle offering a 2 mm orifice.

The gun is designed for a maximum pressure of 23 bar (or 350 psi) to suit systems with a typical operating pressure of 280 psi with a maximum flow rate of 25 litres per minute.

All up the new Silvan GEO57 Spray Gun weighs only 540 grams to give the spray operator long hours of comfortable use.

Supplied with a twelve-month manufacturer’s warranty and at a recommended retail price of $49 the new gun is a major step forward to minimise fatigue.

For best results a thorough cleaning and an end of the day flush is recommended.

For more information: call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email [email protected] or see a local Silvan dealer.

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