Silvan Launches the SCRAM X

We are thrilled to present a new addition to our Viticultural Spraying Range, the SCRAM X (pronounced
cross). The SCRAM X represents a fusion of our TurboSCRAM and TGS sprayer models, marrying the
successful SCRAM (Silvan Centrifugal Remote Air Module) air system with nozzle technology and an
advanced hydraulic drive pump. This innovation ensures that the machine is equipped for all facets of
viticultural spraying.

The SCRAM X boasts a 7-impeller hydraulic drive pump capable of generating pressures of up to 14.7
Bar which, when paired with a new full cone nozzle, allows the SCRAM X to deliver compatible droplet
sizes and application rates at 10 Bar as a traditional “high-pressure” system would achieve at 25 Bar.
Consequently, customers can achieve their required application rates at comparatively lower pressures,
resulting in reduced wear and maintenance associated with high pressure systems, such as diaphragms,
valves, and springs. Additionally, nozzle wear is minimised.

The development of the SCRAM X was driven by customer demand for a sprayer that combines a high performing,
reliable air system with nozzles that provide the flexibility to cover a large range of application
rates while maintaining a consistent droplet size. By integrating the SCRAM X into our over-row sprayer
range, we now offer a highly flexible air assist sprayer fitted with our proven air delivery system.

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