Silvan High Pressure Hand Gun Ideal For Tough Cleaning Jobs

Clean up and wash down jobs are frequently needed to remove the mud or dirt from tractors and implements, to clean a trailed spray rig after use, or to remove waste from workshop floors or machinery areas.
Silvan Australia has introduced just the solution with its newly released High Pressure Hand Gun.
The Silvan Hand Gun is designed to use the available power of an existing spray pump needing a pressure requirement of 30 Bar or more up to a maximum of 50 Bar (725 psi).
The Silvan Hand Gun features a unique internal circular pulse nozzle that enhances the pressure and gives a swirling blast of water for a deep clean that will remove even the toughest hard to dislodge debris or grime.
Weighing 1.4kg and measuring 1170mm the Hand Gun is supplied with a 12.5mm inside diameter hose and coupling which can be attached to an existing high pressure spray pump.
At a recommended retail price of $159 the Silvan High Pressure Hand Gun is ideal for infield cleaning jobs as well as for workshop, machinery shed or washdown area cleaning needs.
For more information call 1300SILVAN (1300 745 826) or see the website for appointed dealer locations nationally.

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