Silvan Expands DCM Fertiliser Spreader Range For Numerous Application Tasks

Silvan Australia has expanded the range of fertiliser spreaders that it sources from the renowned Italian machinery manufacturer DCM that supplies the world’s farming and agricultural markets with a unique range of tractor PTO powered fertiliser spreaders that are used for the application of value adding superphosphate, urea (nitrogen) and other granular fertilisers.
The expanded DCM range now includes spreader options that are application specific and follow on from the outstanding success Silvan has obtained with the original model with the spreader hoppers and other contacts fabricated in high grade stainless steel.
The new spreader choices include the Silvan DCM CAW built with a narrow width hopper body for use in fertiliser applications in the confined row spaces of vineyards or orchards.
Then there is the Silvan DCM CA range with a painted steel hopper for use with non-corrosive materials.
The next option is the Silvan DCM MD painted hopper spreader that offers a 3,000 litre capacity hopper with a fertiliser throw up to 36 metres making it ideal for fast broadacre coverage.
Then the top of the range choice is the Silvan DCM MX versions with either a 3,000 or 4,200 litre hopper capacity also with a throw distance of 36 metres.
Available with a choice of painted steel or a stainless steel hopper this version is likely to be a preferred choice of contractors or large scale farmers as it is complete with an on-board weighing system for accurate application.
The Silvan DCM MX is the only spreader choice with a stainless steel hopper on the market locally.
The DCM spreaders with stainless steel hopper have been a critical resource in dealing with corrosive materials like urea (nitrogen) and the issues that can occur in coastal or marine environments where spreaders with unprotected steel or painted hoppers can experience early failure through rust or corrosion.
The stainless steel surfaces are ideal for dealing with all types of materials including granulated or pelletised materials and especially highly corrosive urea.
The DCM stainless hopper range available from Silvan now extends to load capacities from 800 to 4200 litres covering everything from narrow vineyards to large broadacre farms.
Silvan’s machinery product manager Raph Hymus says that the original DCM stainless range quickly secured a market in coastal farming and in marine environments where salt laden spray or winds typically cause premature failure for spreaders with traditional painted hoppers.
“In introducing the expanded DCM Spreader range Silvan is confident it can provide an application solution for all types of fertiliser spreading applications, crops and materials for farmers and spreading contractors” Mr Hymus says.
For more information on the Silvan DCM Stainless fertiliser spreader range contact Silvan Australia at 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email [email protected]
Photo Caption
With four new range choices the expanded Italian built DCM range of fertiliser spreaders available from Silvan Australia now offers choices to suit all application environments and material choices with either stainless steel or painted steel hoppers.
The Silvan DCM MX shown is available in 3,000 or 4,200 litre hopper capacity and is the only spreader available locally with a stainless steel hopper and on board weighing system for precise application along with a throw width of 36 metres.
Likely to appeal to contractors and larger broadacre farms the Silvan DCM MX is available with a choice of a painted steel or a corrosion resistant stainless steel hopper making it ideal for materials like urea.

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