Silvan Australia’s Turbo SCRAM Vineyard Sprayer Is Winning Vineyard Spray Jobs

Silvan Australia’s recently introduced Turbo SCRAM Vineyard Sprayer has received a strong uptake by vineyard spraying contractors and a number of medium to larger scale vineyards and corporate wine companies.
The Silvan Turbo SCRAM is available in tank sizes of 2,000, 3,500 and 4,000 litres of capacity and comes with an extensive range of features that were created after extensive feedback was gained from vineyard owners, managers and viticultural consultants as well as spraying contractors using existing sprayer choices.
Most of the new features reflected a demand for a sprayer that helped to contain input costs, applied chemicals to maximum benefit, with comprehensive penetration and coverage of the vine canopy with minimal downtime.
Simple and effective control options that provided operator safety and benefits like shorter turning circles at the headlands or end of rows have further enhanced the adaptability of the new Turbo SCRAM.
Silvan combined its existing Turbomiser spray technology with new features including the 320mm diameter German made high performance hydraulic drive centrifugal fans that are engineered to provide the high air velocity needed for optimum spray coverage.
Each of the fans operate at low noise levels and with high efficiency powered by the hydraulic power pack that can be disengaged during tank fills and spray agitation for increased operator safety.
These fans draw their air from a height of two metres with one fan at each end of the air tube wrap of the sprayer.
Specially designed the spray tube wrap is supported by an anodised marine grade aluminium exoskeleton with its wrap-around design that creates air turbulence in the vine canopy and with the high velocity air streams shadowing in the rows is avoided giving maximum spray coverage.
A key benefit is even air distribution and the elimination of leaf blockages or fruit damage by a sandblasting effect.
Built on a rectangular steel chassis the spray boom has hydraulic opening and closing plus rollers that allow varying vine row widths to be served.
The chassis also has a tandem axle for a smooth ride behind the tractor with the tow hitch design enabling tighter turns at the end of rows.
The Turbomiser technology provides individual spray nozzle rate control from the tow tractor cabin; with low nozzle wear and a narrow droplet spectrum for target spraying with excellent coverage and efficient chemical use.
Based at Wilyabrup in the Margaret River Wine Region, WVC Viticulture services vineyards in the local area spraying about 100 hectares each season.
WVC Viticulture’s owner Russell Oates is currently in the second season of using a Silvan Turbo SCRAM Vineyard Sprayer.

Russell purchased his ‘SCRAM’ from local Silvan dealer Nicholls Machinery in Busselton.
He upgraded from an older styler standard type of vineyard sprayer seeking the added features and flexibility that the Turbo SCRAM supplies.
Russell also sought the option of hydraulic row width adjustment to suit the varying row width configurations in the vineyards he services.
Key features of the ‘SCRAM’ include the static PTO and auto rate controller.
Russell adds “a lot of the time we are able to run the ‘SCRAM’ in economy mode with the choice of low rate or high rate spraying giving us the ability to meet individual vineyards requirements.
“The Silvan ‘SCRAM’ has been a good choice for us as we tend to do a lot of different things for different vineyards.
“We have been well supported by Nicholls Machinery in sorting out a few minor issues as we became more and more equipped to use all the features of the ‘SCRAM’”.
For more information on vineyard spraying applications and the Silvan Turbo SCRAM contact Silvan Australia on 1300 745 826 or email [email protected] for technical advice or specifications.

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Based at Wilyabrup WA, spray contractor WVC Viticulture is in the second season of use with a Silvan Turbo SCRAM vineyard sprayer servicing about 100 hectares of vines in the Margaret River region with satisfying results.
Derrick Goss dealer principal of Nicholls Machinery at Busselton (left) is shown with WVC Viticulture principal Russell Oates.

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