Selecta’s Magnetic Rechargeable Warning Lights Will Have Numerous Safety, Accident or Emergency Applications

Unique new magnetic rechargeable warning lights released by the Selecta merchandise division of Silvan Australia will have numerous applications from identifying large farm machinery or vehicles under tow or overwidth that are being driven on public roads, to warning of accidents, emergencies or incidents were a public warning will be paramount.
Sold as a pack of three lights in a carrying case the Selecta Magnetic Lights have their own recharger for use from either a 240 volt mains power source or a twelve-volt lighter socket.
Each light approximately 115 mm (about four inches) in diameter has a push button to activate a wide choice of warning modes.
These are as a rotating flash, a fast or slow strobe, a low power rotation, in an SOS mode, with each in a high or low power mode.
There are different operating times depending on the warning mode chosen but used as a fast strobe motion the lights will function for six hours with some modes of warning exceeding ten hours of operation.
Each light has a non-damaging magnetic base enabling it to be attached and held on any metallic surface such as a vehicle body or tractor panel.
The three lights are carried in a durable hard plastic case also containing the charger and connector used to fully charge each of the lights.
In a stored situation, they will be fully charged ready for use especially where an emergency or accident situation is encountered.
Each light has its own hard plastic and rubber casing with an O-ring seal for water resistance.
This makes them ideal for outdoor or marine use in damp conditions.
Typical outdoor uses could be to warn of a vehicle breakdown, to alert to a tyre change in process, oversized or trailed equipment on a road, unlit or overwidth machinery or simply to alert to obstacles or impediments to safe access or travel.
With the compact scale of the three warning light pack, the unit is ideal to carry in a fully charged condition in a vehicle, boat, tractor or on almost any mobile equipment or service vehicle.
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