Many buildings like warehouses, factories, distribution centres, dealerships and even a typical farm shed or workshop frequently fail ‘the tidiness test’ by allowing waste materials to accumulate along walkways and access areas. Property owners and managers now have access to mobile push along industrial-grade power sweepers that have just been added to our Selecta merchandise range.

With a working width of 920mm the larger Selecta Pick Up Sweeper (code: S920) is ideal for removing the typical waste material or industry debris that is often allowed to build up on concreted or sealed surfaces. The dual sweeper brushes can be used with dual sweeper arms or with just the left hand or right hand brush sweeper in action. With an adjustable belt drive system the sweeper action tension can be configured to meet the type of waste materials that usually need to be collected. The brush action brings the materials or debris collected from a building floor surface into the easily removable catcher from where it can be safely disposed. The Selecta Pick Up Sweeper not only ensures that the debris is removed but it aids in providing a safe working environment by implementing a regular clean-up program.

A smaller 650mm Selecta Push Along Pick Up Sweeper  (code: S650) is also available, ideally suited to home, driveway or paved areas with tighter access dimensions.

Available nationally from Silvan Selecta resellers recommended retail prices at $479 for the 920mm industrial width model or $199 for the smaller 650mm width home model.

For more information call Silvan Australia 1300 745 826 or email [email protected] for specifications.

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