Selecta Merchandise adds Winchester™ Knife Range For Rural, Recreational Users

The Selecta merchandise division of Silvan Australia has been appointed to distribute the range of quality knife products produced under the internationally recognised Winchester™ brand.

The Winchester knife brand includes seven different knife types plus a unique multi-purpose folding Multi-Tool each with an extensive choice of features.

Pocket knives with their folding or fixed cutting edges for instance have been a reliable personal aid for many farmers, outdoor workers and recreational users for many decades.

But relatively few quality knives of a certain origin or branded source are readily available today.

The Winchester range available through the Selecta division of Silvan Australia includes conventional pocketknives, fixed blade knives and bowie knives.

Made from quality steels with a mix of handle types the Winchester range choices are quite affordable and will fulfil a wide range of typical uses from effecting repairs, skinning, cleaning, gutting, or timber hobby or craft work.

Recommended retail prices include conventional folding or fixed blade pocketknives from $19.95 up to $52.90, with the unique and functional Winchester Multi-tool available at $39.90.

Selecta merchandise manager Michael Frost says that the Winchester brand is internationally recognised for quality and product innovation.

“We will have the eight different choices available through Selecta distributors nationally with strong back up quantities for prompt delivery from our stockholdings” Mr Frost says.

For more information on the Winchester knife range contact 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 825) or email [email protected] for product information and model choices. To find your local Selecta Dealer, visit our Dealer Locator on our website:

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