Selecta AdBlue® Transfer Unit From Silvan Australia With 200 Litre Tank Capacity

Increasingly Australian farmers, contractors, transport and resource businesses as users of diesel fuel are meeting the mandatory Australian Design Rules that reduce vehicle engine emissions from the use of diesel fuel.
The required addition of Aqueous Urea, (known widely as AdBlue®), limits the quantity of NOx (Nitrogen oxides) and particulate matter that is emitted to the atmosphere by heavy vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of more than 4.5 tonnes.
Many trucks and tractors including many models imported into Australia already comply with the appropriate design rules.
The addition, transport or storage of the 32% Aqueous Urea solution known widely under the trade name of AdBlue® requires a separate storage tank on a vehicle before it is sprayed directly into an additional catalyser in the exhaust where the pollutant exhaust gases (NOx) are converted into safe atmospheric gases (N2).
An indicative consumption rate is five litres of AUS32 to every 100 litres of diesel used.
Silvan Australia has responded to the increased AdBlue® demands with the release of a 200 Litre capacity Selecta Blue Transfer Unit that meets the material needs.
Although AUS32 is not classified as a dangerous substance it can be corrosive to inappropriate metals, plastics and hoses which could introduce contaminants into the catalyser.
The new Silvan AdBlue® Transfer Unit features a 200 litre Polytuff ultra-violet stabilized storage tank with a twelve-volt powered thirty five litre per minute open flow self-priming diaphragm transfer pump with a four metre length of three quarter inch diameter delivery hose complete with a manual shut off nozzle.
The pump allows sufficient time for the power to be switched off after delivery has ceased to avoid damaging it.
The unit is also supplied with a three metre length of power cable fitted with alligator clips ready for connection to a battery source.
Silvan Selecta’s merchandise manager Michael Frost says that the AdBlue® solution is supplied in a range of delivery options including by a bulk tanker, in 1000 litre IBC containers, or 200 litre drums and 10 litre emergency containers.
“With the increasing use we detected there was an on farm, on depot or on site need for AdBlue® users to have a convenient means to break down bulk supplies or for the transfer of the solution into the separate supply tanks on tractors in particular, so Silvan has responded with this convenient scale and self-contained transfer unit.
“With a Recommended Retail Price of $699 and available nationally from Silvan and Selecta resellers we believe we have met an industry need” Mr Frost says.

For more information on the Selecta Blue 200 Litre Transfer Unit or other Selecta products specific to AdBlue® call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826)

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