Sprayboom Fenceline Kit (integral tap – twin pack)

Fenceline spray with adjustable 360 degree nozzle direction, creates big size drops for low product drift

Product Code: M99-73

Sprayboom Fenceline Kit (integral tap – twin pack)


Nozzle holder :

Adjustable nozzle direction – 360 degrees; Material: Polyethylene with Viton diaphragm; An extra course or ultra course droplet size can be achieved with the yellow nozzle to assist in drift reduction; Manual shut off valve and non drip nozzle body.

Nozzle :

Supplied with AOC02; Other size nozzle available: AOC025, AOC03, AOC04 and AOC05; ISO 10625 standard – comply with colour and flow rate coding; Horizontal spray for fence line spraying

Suitable for :

Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Fertilizers

Spray angle :

80 degrees

Working pressure :

2 + 20 Bar

Maximum pressure :

15 Bar

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