Silvan 4 OUTLET Control valve

Silvan control valves regulate spray pressure, direct the flow of spray liquid from the pump to the spray nozzles and bypass excess liquid back to the tank, in most cases through an agitator. All feature adjustable pressure regulator, glycerine filled gauge, hose connections, mounting kits where applicable, on/off directional valves and bypass lock position. One lever 4 outlet control shuts all boom sections off by simply flicking main lever to one side, standard with dual stage gauge. Supplied with remote bracket kit (C5004-05).

Product Code: C1204-332

Silvan 4 OUTLET Control valve


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:

20 Bar/290 psi

Hose Inlet :


Size Outlet :


Bypass Hose :


Control Valve :

4 Outlet

Pump App :

BP60/20, BP125/20

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    CSN1 Service Kit to Suit 3 Outlet Control Valve

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