Pressure Regulator Kit (RP1-24-5)

ALLOWS FOR SMOOTH ADJUSTMENT OF PRESSUREOR FLOW. Suitable for Aquatec pumps with 5D fittings. GRADUATED REGULATINGCONTROL VALVE. Compact regulator kit, with Glycerine filled gauge, bypass hose and tank fitting. DESIGNED FOR EASYINSTALLATION ONTOAQUATEC PUMPS MODELSDDP-550 & DDP-555Control application rates with ease and no pulsation

Product Code: RP1-24-5

Pressure Regulator Kit (RP1-24-5)


Specifications :

A pressure regulating valve, made from polypropylene reinforced fiberglass with a 20 L /min maximum flow. EPDM seals and 303-SS spring and pressure gauge, 0-6 Bar Glycerin filled. 300mm 3/4” wire reinforced bypass hose

Spray calibration and control :

The RP1-24-5 Pressure regulator kit allows you to control the outlet pressure by adjusting the volume of fluid bypassed, which is a necessity when boom spraying. Each type of nozzle will apply specific litres volume per minute dependent on the pressure applied to it. To spray at a specific application rate, refer to the application rate data from your Nozzle manufacturer to select the best pressure and travel speed. By applying the correct amount of chemical, you can reduce wastage caused by over application, increase chemical agitation, and make easier adjustments so suit changes in travelling speed

Installation :

The pressure regulator kit can be fitted by attaching via the 5D connector. Drill a 21mm hole using a hole saw on a flat surface of the tank to fit the bypass fitting. Position the gasket on the outside of the tank, tighten the nut by entering through the tank lid. Then simply connect the delivery hose to the outlet of the regulator and your ready test the system

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