Designed and built in Australia, The Silvan EASYROLL retractable hose reel is a simple, effective solution for operators to spray noxious weeds along fence lines, roadside, undulating scrub, Blackberries, nurseries, or glasshouses and more. Ultimately minimizing fatigue. The EASYROLL hose reel has been designed to retro fit onto many sprayers with a flat surface that can hold the weight of the reel (20Kg)

Product Code: 180NL



Product Weight (KG):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

54.7 / 27.7 / 52.7

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    Key Features

    Lightweight and Compact combined with heavy duty thick gauge stainless steel construction. A stainless steel finish is superior to paint for ultimate resistance corrosion and scratches. An electric drive system assembly eliminates the use of chains, belts, and sprockets for more reliable and safer working conditions. This means that there are no belts or chains that need to be regularly checked and tensioned or replaced. A central Hub motor mechanism is free of pinch points and is effectively maintenance free along with a four-roller hose guide for smooth free running hose

    A 12V DC Brushless High Torque electric motor with Max 25amp Draw

    Single channel control 433mhz with adaptive frequency hopping prevents interference for reliable performance across undulating terrain

    On/Off power switch and manual override rewind switch

    Push Pull connections on outlet and hub. The Hose is 50m of 12mm O.D Kink resistant nylon tubing with push fit fitting. A 20Bar/290psi working pressure. The Spray Gun consists of an Atomiser with hose swivel and gun holder with spray performance of up to 15m distance

    Select a flat surface that can hold the weight of the hose reel. The position the hose reel on the surface, mark the hole locations (175mm x 175mm). Using a drill to create holes at the marked locations. Tighten the hose reel with M 10 Bolts, nuts & washers

    Ideal pump to use is the Silvan Comet LBA-34C. The Comet MC20/20 18.5L/min open flow capacity & 20Bar/290psi maximum pressure. A Silvan self-priming positive displacement oil-backed diaphragm Pump with nitrile diaphragms and corrosion resistant, cast anodised aluminium body

    Pressure regulator with pressure adjustment and automatic bypass, gauge and 2 outlets, 1 for the EASYROLL hose reel & 1 for an optional Spray boom

    12 Months

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