Where spreaders have consistently failed in the past, Cresco is offering the ability to spread every type of Fertilizer or Grass seed with precision. Products from .5mm up to 5mm can be used through this spreader. Fertilizers come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. As a result, they fly off the impellor in different ways. This can cause more material to be spread to the right than to the left, or vice versa. To even the amount of material spread on both sides, adjustments must be made to the application holes on the bottom. Our slider allows easy adjustment of the output holes. Border control is achieved by pushing the border control slider across, you can shut off one side of the spreader. This helps save patio paths and flower borders from the spread of material where it’s not required.

Product Code: CS-20SW



Product Weight (KG):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

850 / 510 / 900

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    Key Features

    30Kg (Maximum) capacity, Poly UV Stabilised hopper

    Pneumatic wheels that provide improved grip and superior handling and balance all year round

    Enhanced ground driven gearbox

    Cushioned T on/off handle with solid rod linkage

    Powder coated frame with Parking stand

    Spreads products from seed or micro granular to Pelleted Materials

    Spreading width up to 4.5mtrs depending of product

    20 Adjustable settings to assist with accurate application rates & border control

    Assembly & calibration instructions supplied

    12 Months

    Optional Rain cover available. Sold seperately

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