Dual Adjustable Boomless Nozzle with the ability to spray either 90 or 180 degrees. Ideal for spraying applications around obstacles that could damage a traditional boom such as fences, guardrails trees and power poles, first and last pass. Hayman Reese type 50M galvanised steel bracket fits most side by sides and ATV’S with a heavy duty frame

Product Code: RP1-36


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    Key Features

    A 50mm Galvanised steel mounting bracket that suits many Side by Sides and ATV’S. A 2mtr of ½” delivery hose & ½” Female swivel elbow. Features an Inline on/off tap

    A Hi Flow TWIN boomless nozzle which Sprays 90 or 180 degrees with angle adjustment. An ultra-coarse size droplets to minimise potential spray drift. Spray width up to 7.4m (or 3.7 with one nozzle)

    Ideal to pair with Sprayers fitted with a pump between 10 – 20L min open flow

    A Rakpak model: RP70N-S10. Trukpaks, models: TK200-S10R, TK200-S10R-1 & TK200-S10R-2. Squatpaks models: SQ300-S8-1, SQ400-S8-1

    L02H2-34-1, L03H2-34-1, L04H2-34-1 & L04H4-42. Or larger capacity pumps with pressure regulators and bypass

    12 Months

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