ATV Boomless Nozzle Kit (M99-75B)

Ideal for applications where a conventional boom cannot be used due to obstacles, such as power poles, guardrails, fences and trees

Product Code: M99-75B

ATV Boomless Nozzle Kit (M99-75B)


Pressure (PSI) :

2 Bar/30psi

L/Min :


Spray Swath :


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    Key Features

    Attaches to the ATV rack and operates from your 12V pump/RakPak

    Fitted with 30cm of hose with clamp to attach to Quad Bike carry frame

    Durable nozzle produces large droplet size for herbicide or fertiliser application

    Double sided output suits pumps 10 - 20L/min (60psi)

    Includes blanking cap for single side spray applications

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