Aquatec Smoothflo 12V Pump

Aquatec pumps are made of the highest quality and are exclusive to Silvan. Aquatec are a leading American manufacturer of pumps which are of proven durability with minimal maintenance. Constant Flow Technology provides consistent spraying without pulsation. Note: infield image shows DDP-554 model.

Product Code: DDP-552A

Aquatec Smoothflo 12V Pump


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:

8 Bar/120 psi

Valves material :


Diaphragm material :


Port size/type :

3/8" BSP Female

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    Key Features

    Smooth flow and even pressure

    Pump adapts to changes in output volume to maintain higher flows under increasing pressure

    Fitted with on/off demand pressure sensing switch

    9 AMPS

    Retrofits to most brands of sprayers

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