800L Fast Fill Firefighter (SQF800D-4)

COMPLETE FACTORY FITTED AND TESTED FIRE FIGHTER PACKAGE. Ready to use. UNIQUE TWIN TANK BAFFLED DESIGN POLYTUFF TANK to reduce surge when travelling. HONDA / DAVEY PUMPING COMBINATION which is extremely reliable. FACTORY FITTED FAST FILLER to allow operators to fill the tank quickly from a Dam

Product Code: SQF800D-4

800L Fast Fill Firefighter (SQF800D-4)


Tank Size (L):


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:


Product Weight (KG):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

1090 / 940 / 1800

Tank :

A 800L UV Stabilised Impact resistant Polytuff tank with TWIN Internal baffle to reduce surge when travelling. A 255mm screw type lid and strainer. Drain Bung for easy empty and cleaning. Tie down points moulded into the top of the tank for attaching to a tray

Engine :

A 4 stroke, 5.5 Hp GX160 Honda 163 (cc) with manual recoil rope start. Low oil protection, Oil used SAE 10W 30 (600ml). Twin stage – foam prefilter with paper final element

Fuel Tank :

Capacity 3.1 Litres (Unleaded) with approximate fuel consumption @ full load 1.7L

Pump specifications :

Viton equipped internal seal, O-rings & gaskets. Fitted for improved chemical resistance. Important: Please seek specialist advice from chemical supplier if pumping chemicals. Use of aggressive chemicals may void warranty

Pump performance :

Maximum output 415 (L/min), Max Pressure 80 (PSI). Direct coupled single centrifugal impeller. Inlet 1 x 1.5”. Outlet 2 x 1.5” (Spare). 2 x 1” used for the Hose reel & 3-way valve to deliver water back to the tank

Hose reel :

Manual wind, Heavy duty powder coated steel. 30m ¾” ID delivery hose. Adjustable nozzle, approximate flow rate 20L/min. At full load, distance of water directed from the adjustable nozzle can be up to approximately 20mtrs

Tank run time :

Approximately 40 mins (when full of water)

Dam fill kit (factory fitted) :

6m suction hose and filter with camlocks for easy use and storage. 1 x 3-way valve fitted to the pump that changes the position of suction from the tank to using Dam fill kit. 1 x Ball valve fitted to deliver water from the pump to the tank

Other :

Engine has been filled with oil, but not fuel. Do not run dry

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