400L Squat Pak Fast Fill Firefighter

Introducing the 400L SquatPak Fast Fill Firefighters! Make the most of your property's dam and significantly cut down on fire fighter refilling time with our specially designed factory-fitted fast filler.

Product Code: SQF400D-4

400L Squat Pak Fast Fill Firefighter


Tank Size (L):


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:


Product Weight (KG):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

1090 / 1060 / 900

Tank :

A 400L UV Stabilised Impact resistant Polytuff tank with internal baffle to reduce surge when travelling. A 255mm screw type lid and strainer with a drain Bung for easy empty and cleaning

Engine :

A 4 stroke, 5.5 Hp GX160 Honda 163 (cc) with manual recoil rope start. Low oil protection. The oil used is SAE 10W 30 (600ml). A twin stage – foam prefilter with paper final element

Fuel Tank :

A capacity 3.1 Litres (Unleaded) with approximate fuel consumption @ full load 1.7L

Pump Specifications :

A Viton equipped internal seal, O-rings & gaskets. Fitted for improved chemical resistance. Important: Please seek specialist advice from chemical supplier if pumping chemicals. Use of aggressive chemicals may void warranty

Pump Performance :

A maximum output 415 (L/min) and Max Pressure 80 (PSI). A direct coupled single centrifugal impeller. Inlet 1 x 1.5”. Outlet 2 x 1.5” (Spare). 2 x 1” used for the Hose reel & 3-way valve to deliver water back to the tank

Hose Reel :

Manual wind with Heavy duty powder coated steel. A 30m ¾” ID delivery hose with adjustable nozzle and an approximate flow rate 20L/min. At full load, distance of water directed from the adjustable nozzle can be up to approximately 20m

Tank run time (full of water) :

Approximately 20 minutes

Dam Fill Kit (factory fitted) :

A 6m suction hose and filter with camlocks for easy use and storage. 1 x 3-way valve fitted to the pump that changes the position of suction from the tank to using Dam fill kit. 1 x Ball valve fitted to deliver water from the pump to the tank

Other :

Engine has been filled with oil but no fuel. Do not run dry.

Warranty :

12 months

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    Key Features

    Ready to use

    To reduce surge when travelling

    Extremely reliable

    To allow operators to fill the tank quickly from a Dam

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