400L Smoothflo SQUATPAK Sprayer

SquatPak spraying tanks are available with 12V or motorised pumps and hose reels to provide a range of outputs to support general spot spraying, high volume spraying and high pressure spraying needs. They can be used with a range of accessory equipment to support most spraying needs. UV stabilised polytuff tank with Large baffle to reduce surge. Large Drain outlet for easy empty and clean. Fitted with Hose Reel with 30m of 10mm Ag hose. Deep Tie-down locating channels for strap mounting and tank strength. Tanks feature durable accessory mounting points with large M10 inserts. One spare tank corner for additional accessories. Note: Infield images show SQ400-S8-1 model.

Product Code: SQ400-S7-1

400L Smoothflo SQUATPAK Sprayer


Tank Size (L):


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:

8 Bar /120psi

Height / Width / Length (MM):

1010 / 900 / 1060

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    Key Features

    Aquatec Smoothflo pump 7L/min (open flow) for no pulsation spraying 8 Bar /120psi. Pressure regulator fitted. PA series spray gun with 500mm stainless steel extension lance, flat fan nozzle and hollow cone supplied.

    Factory Options

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