300L Smoothflo Squatpak Sprayers with 15m Hose Reel (SQ300-S7-2)

Ideally suited for side by side utilities and trailers. The perfect combination for distance spraying applications

Product Code: SQ300-S7-2

300L Smoothflo Squatpak Sprayers with 15m Hose Reel (SQ300-S7-2)


Tank Size (L):


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:


Product Weight (KG):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

1060 / 578 / 1050

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    Key Features

    Aquatec DDP-552 series auto bypass with electric pressure sensing switch, 12 volt DC electric pump, 9 Amps max. Up to 7 L/min open flow or max pressure 120psi (690kpa). The Smoothflo pump also includes adaptive pressures sensing mechanisms which dampen changes in pressures to eliminate pulsation

    Capacity 300L with breather lid and basket strainer. Impact resistant Polytuff Tank, U.V. Stabilized. Fitted with drain plug assembly for easy drain and clean. Internal Baffle reduces surge when travelling

    Atomiser + Spray Gun with lever adjustable spray pattern from fine mist to pencil stream for distance spraying. External Suction Filter with clear bowl

    15m of Quality 3/8” ID delivery hose on hose reel with spring retraction and ratchet lock

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