300L 12v TPL SPRAYER Boom & Spot Sprayer (K03A-19B)

The K03A-19B sprayer with 6M boom has been designed as a professional slimline unit that allows for high performance Boomless spraying and Spot spraying all within one small package. The high capacity TPL Boolmess nozzles have been matched to a high capacity 12V pump which increases the vehicle compatibility as a PTO drive is not needed. Ideal for use with small tractors, mule type vehicle, carryall, trailer, truck or ute deck.

Product Code: K03A-19B

300L 12v TPL SPRAYER Boom & Spot Sprayer (K03A-19B)


Tank Size (L):


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:


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    Key Features

    The DDP-550 used Viton valves and Santoprene diaphragm. A continuous duty rating can be achieved at 45psi.

    Outputs of L/min and overall swath are relative to a single nozzle. When spraying with two nozzles the L/min used and overall swath width is generally doubled

    12 Months

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