200L High Flow Trupak Sprayer (TK200-S10R)

The 200L TRUKPAK Sprayer WITH, BASKET STRAINER AND DRAIN BUNG. Easy clean and empty with drain bung. External filter for easy maintenance INCLUDES PROFESSIONAL VARIJET SPRAYGUN WITH A30M ECO HOSEREEL. Ideal for roadside spraying or spot spraying from a side by side, carryall, trailer, spray distance up to 10m. ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE REGULATOR, GLYCERINE FILLED GAUGE. For pressure and flow control for the spray gun and any optional spray booms

Product Code: TK200-S10R

200L High Flow Trupak Sprayer (TK200-S10R)


Tank Size (L):


Pump Size (L/MIN)::


Max Pressure:


Product Weight (KG):


Height / Width / Length (MM):

925 / 580 / 1050

Tank :

Impact resistant Polytuff Tank which is U.V. Stabilised. A moulded 8mm brass inserts in base of tank for securing to deck. Fitted with 1 ¼” drain plug assembly and a 255mm lid with breather and basket strainer

Pump specifications :

An Aquatec 12-volt DC electric pump (DDP-555 series) with electric pressure sensing switch. 11 Amps max draw and a 14L L/min open flow, 60psi maximum pressure. Chemical resistant Viton valves & Santo diaphragm. A factory fitted pressure regulator with automatic bypass for agitation and a smooth-running pump. 3m of battery cable with alligator clips

Filtration :

Basket type strainer under the filling lid with an external suction filter with clear view bowl for easy cleaning

Spray gun :

Professional Varijet spray gun that delivers a spray pattern from a straight stream to a conical mist by rotating the barrel

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