Increase Workplace Productivity With A Selecta Evaporative Air Conditioner

Summer is not over yet with many more hot days to come.

More and more workplaces in manufacturing, preparation and service businesses requiring long hours of labour input need to provide cooler and more comfortable working conditions.

Typical workplaces like factories and warehouses, workshops, shearing sheds and almost all operating sites need to provide a congenial workplace environment for the comfort of staff and their productivity.

Silvan Australia’s FC Evaporative Air Conditioners are the ideal choice to provide relief from the hot weather and they are portable, quick to install and easy to operate, with minimum needs for support services.

The Silvan FC units are available in two choices with the FC400 model recommended to cool an area of 30 to 50 sqm with a maximum airflow of 9,000 m3 per hour, while the higher capacity FC440 is recommended for a floor area of 70 to 100 square metres as its maximum airflow is 12,000 m3 per hour.

The Recommended Retail Price of the FC400 unit is $799 inclusive of GST, while the larger FC440 retails at $1,149 inclusive of GST.

Both units are essentially the same being mains powered with a quiet running electric motor being either 400 or 440 watts and with a 70-litre capacity water tank.

The internal water tank can be filled by a bucket or from a mains supply by hose or with an external water tank connected.

Each model has a water level sensor to show when the internal storage is low, while water consumption is in the range of 10 to 20 litres per hour.

Each unit has a three-speed adjustable fan with a remote controller plus a timer function for auto-start or finish and a liquid site level indicator.

Each unit is housed in a heavy-duty poly construction cabinet fitted with four swivel  wheels, two of which can be locked in position.

Silvan Australia’s merchandise manager Michael Frost says that the Silvan FC Series of Evaporative Air Conditioners provide the ideal cooling solution and comfort for shearing sheds, farm machinery buildings or workshops, as well as retail areas, outdoor events, marquees, or patios.

“The FC series Air Conditioners are simple to put in place requiring only a mains power connection and a water source and with a range of control functions they weigh only 36 kg for the FC400, or 43 kg for the higher capacity FC440 model.

“Every summer we experience a rush for these coolers as soon as the temperature rises” Michael Frost says.

Riverland Sunfresh at Renmark which is a family owned business operating as a packer of fruit and vegetables as well as operating and conducting a substantial retail operation has installed five of the Silvan FC Evaporative Air Conditioners to provide comfort for their personnel working in its packing house facility.

For further technical information or local Silvan dealer availability call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email [email protected]

Take a look at the below video to see our evaporative air conditioners in action.


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