Breviglieri (Brevi) rotary hoes and power harrows available through Silvan Australia come in working widths from less than 1m to more than 6m and they can be used meet the demands of virtually any farming operation.

Silvan Australia general manager Gavin Wheatcroft says his company took over the distribution of Brevi equipment in Australia a decade ago, and it is testament to their quality that many of the machines they sold back then, and some before that, are still at work.

“Breviglieri is a fantastic company to work with. They produce a wide range of equipment, so we can supply machines at specific sizes, which not all other manufacturers do,” Gavin says.

All Brevi machines are well built and efficient.

“We offer a full range of sizes, from 85 cm machines up to 6.3m folding models, and almost every imaginable size in between. A lot of optional features are available, including a factory fitted APV seeder and a range of rotors and rollers,” Gavin says.

Gavin says Brevi machines sold to contractors and large farmers 10 years ago have stood the test of time while working in tough conditions because of their design and build quality.

“One of the most notable things about Brevi PTO-driven machines is that they do not require oil coolers. There are a number of reasons for this but it comes down to quality.

“Brevi gearboxes do not absorb more power than they should. The design of the blades and rotors also minimises power consumption. For example, the rotors on Brevi power harrows are phased to reduce power demand.

“Also Breviglieri use high quality oil in the gearboxes, which helps keep temperatures low,” Gavin says.

While the rotary hoe serves as a primary cultivation tool, Brevi power harrows are used as a secondary finishing tool to produce a fine seedbed. In this scenario the power harrow is generally used after a pass with a rotary hoe, discs or rippers.

Another option Silvan offers is a rotary hoe with straight blades. In this configuration, the rotary hoe becomes an intermediate tool between a standard rotary hoe and a power harrow.

Rather than a pass with a primary and then one with a secondary tool, it will make a good seedbed in a single pass.

For more information call Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826).

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