A Half-Century Legacy: Celebrating John Nicholson from Nicholson Farm Machinery’s 50-Year Partnership with Silvan

Nicholson Farm Machinery, based in Crookwell NSW, and its owner John Nicholson (second generation) are joyously commemorating 50 years of dedicated service and a profound ‘family’ bond with Silvan. The enduring partnership between Nicholson Farm Machinery and Silvan Australia is a remarkable journey which overtime laid the groundwork for a legacy that has spanned multiple generations.

On December 12, 1973, John Nicholson officially joined the family business, embarking on a journey marked by five decades of steadfast commitment and expertise in the agricultural domain. This milestone is now celebrated with great significance for both John Nicholson and Nicholson Farm Machinery. Picture John’s parents, Noel and Lorna, actively engaging in business dealings with Silvan during its early stages. This connection formed the initial threads of a partnership that would evolve into a resilient and enduring collaboration.

Together, Nicholson Farm Machinery and Silvan Australia have not only withstood the test of time but have also planted the seeds of a legacy that continues to flourish.



Pictured: Jeremy Nicholson, John Nicholson & Noel Nicholson (deceased) from Nicholson Farm Machinery attending the Crookwell Show, 2015

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