3G Mobile Motion Activated Security Camera Essential Against Theft, Property Losses Or Vandalism

Thefts, even vandalism, of rural, remote and urban properties are occurring at record levels and invariably results in the loss of items of significant value as well as creating disruption and great distress for property owners.
Even businesses, dealership premises, storage bays and a wide range of other property types are regularly reporting the substantial direct and indirect losses that result from intrusions and the usually material losses of plant and equipment that are rarely fully insured or recovered.
The Selecta merchandise division of Silvan Australia is helping property owners to counter these types of losses with the release of the latest Selecta high-tech 3G wide angle motion activated security camera that both transmits, records and stores vital images of unwelcome visitors.
Selecta’s general manager Michael Frost says that being able to identify an intruder, or obtaining a vehicle number plate, or other identification is usually the first step in the recovery of stolen goods, repair of damaged premises, or the information that leads to a successful Police prosecution. This is further enhanced by the camera transmitting during the activity.
“Even the local knowledge that a security camera is in position often acts as a deterrent to unwelcome visitors” Mr Frost says.
The new Selecta camera is designed to be positioned secretly or in an unexposed location to take advantage of its broad angle lens giving a 100-degree field of view.
The wide angle camera is programmed to send daily reports to two designated mobile numbers or email addresses of its photos obtained by using the 3G network as they are taken.
Compact and unobtrusive in appearance and supplied with a mounting strap or with an optional permanent fixing bracket available, the new 3G Selecta wide angle camera records information both day and night, the latter with an up to 30 metre range of view.
All the activity is recorded to a 3G micro memory card and the images are stored and emailed direct to two mobile phones or internet devices.
There is a capacity for 5,600 images to be stored for reference via an optional SD card and the camera will also update daily with the number of photos or pictures taken, the temperature, the memory available and the percentage of battery charge available.
The Selecta Wide Angle Motion Activated Camera operates off four or eight AA batteries with a small solar panel powered option available that reduces the need for batteries, plus the casing is IP54 rated and is dust proofed for outdoor use.
Selecta’s Michael Frost says that “business and domestic property owners need to arm themselves with a device that records intrusions, captures the onsite activity by thieves and almost invariably delivers information that will be central to solving a theft or damage incident.
“At our recommended retail price of $499 the new Selecta Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera with 3G availability is a very inexpensive defence against losses through theft or associated business or personal losses that invariable run to multi thousands of dollars in value.
“In short, an activity activated and recording device of this nature is now a recommended attachment for many types of farm, lifestyle or business premises.
The Selecta Wide Angle Motion Activated Security Camera is available nationally from Selecta resellers, more technical information is available on request on free call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or by emailing [email protected]

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