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Busch Organic Farms selects Silvan Breviglieri Triple Bed Former

A prominent Victorian vegetable grower in the Hillside-Lindenow district of eastern Victoria, Busch Organic Farms, has just taken delivery of a new Breviglieri three row bed former designed and built by Silvan Australia.

The precision and purpose built bed former has been designed to cultivate and form three 1.55 metre width beds in one pass. It employs Brevi rotary hoe units from the quality Italian manufacturer of tillage equipment. 
The unit which is folding by design to enable legal road transport between the Busch Organic Farms properties employs high quality all Australian steel.
Silvan machinery representative Chris Tait says that the unit with a total width of 4.6 metres hydraulically folds to a maximum width of 2.5 metres for road legal use. “This unit is designed for a tractor horsepower of to 215 kW (or 350 hp) although in this instance it is being successfully used behind a much smaller New Holland TS 115 tractor.
“The key benefits that our client saw in requesting this Brevi unit to be built were its one pass cultivation, timely readiness for planting and thus significant savings in time and input costs, including fuel.
“Silvan Australia is regularly commissioned to design and build one pass rotary cultivators as bed formers that meet the specific needs of individual row crop operators in horticulture, sugar cane and other specialty type crops.
“In fact our capacity is up to a maximum of five row units with a cultivation width per row up to 1.8 metres and an overall machine width of 6 metres
“By designing and building foldable units that are road legal, they are ideal for operators or contractors working multiple properties” Mr Tait says. 
Tractor capacity of up to 210kW or 350hp is another feature enabling them to be attached to tractors that are already commonly used on many farms.
For further information on Silvan’s in house Custom Build design and manufacture of all types of spraying and cultivation equipment contact Silvan Australia on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 828) email or call Chris Tait on 0425 748 945.