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Tray Mount 400 Litre Turf Sprayer

A Silvan 400 litre Tray Mount turf sprayer is providing added flexibility to the management of the Frankston Golf Club in Melbourne’s south-east.

Frankston Golf Club superintendent John Geary says the Silvan Tray Mount’s clever design means spraying is performed efficiently, giving him and his staff more time for other tasks.

“The Silvan sprayer is easily mounted and removed from the course’s utility vehicle, which means the utility vehicle is available for other tasks when spraying is completed,” Mr Geary says.

“And with the Silvan 400 litre Tray Mount, no hoist or gantry is needed to put it on or take it off the utility vehicle, so it only takes one staff person to perform that operation.”

The Silvan 400 litre Tray Mount sprayer was bought by the Frankston Golf Course in spring 2001.

Mr Geary said the sprayer is used for a variety of spray tasks, such as applying herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilisers for the nine-hole Frankston course.

“It’s had quite a lot of use and has been working very well. It’s doing a great job,” Mr Geary added.

Another feature of the Silvan 400 litre Tray Mount sprayer that appeals to Mr Geary is the option of a computerised KEE spray controller.

“With spraying these days, operators are becoming more and more accountable, so it’s important to have state-of-the-art, accurate control.”

According to Mr Geary, back up service from Silvan has been very good.

“Silvan’s David Carr has been fantastic, having been out to the course several times to run through the workings of the unit, including the computerised controller.”