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Pasturepak 800 Litre Linkage



Silvan equipment is playing a big part in Buchanan Contracting’s spray and hay making work in the Western District of Victoria.

Based at Colac and managed by Charlie Buchanan and his son Luke, Buchanan Contracting has been in operation for several years. Prior to that, the Buchanans were farming in the Otway Ranges.

The contracting business has steadily grown over the years and now encompasses general contract work such as fencing, spraying, seed drilling and all facets of hay and silage making.

Charlie said that all of the business’ spraying equipment is Silvan, as he likes its reliability and no fuss design.

“The Silvan gear is very reliable and its design simplicity is a big plus,” Charlie said.

“Not being overly complicated, the spray equipment is very user friendly and easily adjusted. It suits our spraying activities to the ground.”

Charlie and Luke’s spraying encompasses pasture-based dairy work, local shire spraying on roadsides, spraying for the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and control work for Parks Victoria.

The Silvan spraying equipment includes a small unit that is mounted on an ATV motorbike, two slide on or sled type sprayers for use on utes (a 600 litre and 1000 litre unit) and a three-point linkage boom spray.

The boom widths vary from six to 12 metres and there are also hand held sprayers fitted for spot spraying.

“We started with the small Rakpak unit for the bike many years ago and that has been very reliable. The original slide-on ute model is now seven-years-old, runs two, one hundred metre hand reels, has done literally thousands of hours of work and we have never touched it the pump.”

The 1000 litre slide-on unit was bought in 2002 to service a growing demand for pasture spraying on Colac district dairy farms.

Charlie also bought a Silvan V12 Magnum rake in 2002, which he says has been a great move. The Magnum is a ‘V’ design, almost 10 metres wide.

“Prior to the Silvan Magnum, we ran smaller, rotary rakes and found that we could not keep in front of the balers.

“But the Magnum has been a real boon. It was magnificent the way it performed last spring and we now hire it out to selected clients.

“It’s so much quicker which is important when you need to keep the balers operating for as long as possible.”

All the Buchanan’s Silvan equipment is bought through Swayne and McCabe at Colac where Charlie said the after sales service is second to none.

“The after hours service means so much to us. If we need a part or a repair, we don’t have to spend time underneath the equipment and we can get some well-earned sleep while we know the gear is being looked after by an expert.”

He added: “I would not hesitate to buy another Silvan sprayer or rake.”