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Shireboss - Toughest slasher on the roadside



The Shireboss is tough. It is well suited to all types of cutting and clearing of heavy scrub, roadsides and any type of Council contract work.

After one season of contracting, Jim Thorne is confident he made the right choice in slashers “You won’t get any harder work than roadside slashing,” he said.

“The Shireboss is tough. With an extra reinforced sub-frame and sides, the gussets and strengthening are in all the right places.

“It’s only done one season of slashing so far, but it’s holding up well. The frame doesn’t appear to have any cracking or twisting like some of my previous models did” he said.

Aside from its durability when slashing heavy undergrowth such as bracken, blackberries and speargrass, the Shireboss has additional design features attractive to contractors Mr Thorne said.

“The rear corners of the top deck plate have been eliminated so it’s easier to get around fences, guides and sign posts,” he said.

“It makes the job a lot quicker because you can just swing away rather than have to back up and realign yourself.”

Working as a roadside slashing contractor causes a lot of wear and tear on the skids with one foot travelling on the gravel for a large percentage of the time.

“The skids are extra heavy duty and have replaceable skid runners which can be easily removed for repair or rebuilding,” he said.

Mr Thorne said having front and rear chain stone guards was also a good idea.

“The hardened blades have a twist profile and seem to throw the grass a bit better than some of my other models and because there are no rubber flaps at the back, grass doesn’t tend to matt up underneath. 

“And while grass is allowed to pass out the back of the machine, the rear chains stop stones and sticks from flying out into the path of traffic,” he said.

“I recommend the Shireboss to anyone looking for a new heavy duty slasher,” Mr Thorne said. “It’s competitively priced with comparable brands and to date has outperformed the other brands that I have owned.”

Silvan’s Super HD Shireboss slasher comes in 1820mm (6’) and 2120mm (7’) cutting widths and now features a fully galvanised deck.

Driven by a 130 horsepower gearbox operating at 540 revs per minute and a power ratio of 1:1.46, the slasher connects firmly to the tractor via a category II three point linkage (TPL) attachment with centre mount facility and reinforced collapsible floating hitch with extra heavy duty industrial chains and hammerlock shackles.

To find out more about the Silvan Shireboss slasher or any other product in the Silvan range call 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or email for a brochure.