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Silvan Strawberry Rowcrop Sprayer

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One of Australia’s largest strawberry growers, Anthony Yewers of Berry Sweet in Western Australia, needed a sprayer that he could rely on and one that would spray his crops accurately and efficiently.

He recently took delivery of a 1,000 litre three-point linkage sprayer from Silvan at his Bullsbrook property, and already the results are amazing.

“I had a Silvan Turbomiser which had done a good job for a long time, but after 15 years it was time to upgrade,” Anthony said.

The new sprayer is fitted with a sixteen outlet air assisted hydraulic fold boom which enables him to spray one bay of eight rows with two outlets per row.

During the winter months small plastic tunnels are placed over the strawberry crop to protect them from frost.

The plastic can be easily rolled up for access to the plants, but it does pose problems for spraying.

“One of the real benefits of the new sprayer is the adjustable spray heads which can be positioned to directly target a specific area on, or around the crop,” Anthony said.

“In the past we would find that spray sometimes hit the plastic and rolled off.

“Now we can simply move the head around to get a more accurate spray quotient.”

Getting the right amount of spray on the crop is made easier with the Bravo 180 Automatic Rate Controller.

Variable rate control was an important feature when Anthony was looking to purchase a sprayer.

“The rate controller is easy to use,” he said.

“It’s also very handy because we have a few areas where the ground is a bit lumpy and you need to slow down.

“This way it doesn’t matter who is driving, or how fast their ground speed is, so long as they have punched in the right rate at the start I know that the crop will receive the correct amount of chemical.”

Another added bonus was the fully galvanised boom fitted with independent hydraulic fold and safety break back, making it strong and durable.

“We have quite a few big trees on the property and in some areas the headlands are only 4m.

“The boom folds compactly so we can dodge the trees and makes it easy to turn around at the end of each row.”

As with all Silvan units, operator safety is a big concern.

The polyethylene tank is fitted with a bottom fill cam lock enabling the tank to be filled safely from the ground.

Chemicals can be safely added to the mix through a detachable suction probe.

The venturi filling system means chemical containers do not need to be lifted or tipped, which reduces the likelihood of spillage and minimises operator contact with potentially dangerous chemicals.

Other standard safety features include a 100L fresh water flush tank to flush the pump, filter and spray lines, and a 25L hand wash tank.

To find out more about the Silvan 1000L three point linkage sprayer or any other sprayer in the Silvan range call the Silvan Customer Service team on 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826).