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Paddock King 4000 Litre - Broadacre

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Broadacre farmers are ‘great comparers’ with what their neighbours are doing and their level of satisfaction with major equipment items as well as farming practices in general.

The partnership of Howard, Matthew and Michael Hunter who run a fairly substantial cropping operation at Bribbaree in the Young district of New South Wales have no hesitation in quoting the success they have had over recent cropping seasons with their Silvan Paddock King - a 4,000 litre trailed boom sprayer fitted with a 24 metre boom.

The Hunter’s Paddock King is fitted with the popular Australian designed Simplicity tandem axle and this effectively ‘irons out’ the ride over terrain with variations in grade.

Family partner Howard Hunter claims that Silvan has the best boom on the market.

“One of our neighbours is a good bloke but he favours a competitive brand of sprayer.

“He won’t listen to our experience and in the time that we have had our Paddock King he has gone through three sprayers.

“He just keeps buying his preferred brand but won’t be guided by our experience and satisfaction with the Silvan Paddock King.”

Howard says that with his two brothers they get over a fair bit of country on multiple land holdings – cropping mainly wheat, barley and oats.

“I can heartily recommend the Silvan product but we look after our Paddock King.

 "We maintain it well and any problems we have had Silvan has helped us out.”

 Howard noted that one of the problems was self inflicted when the boom had a collision with a fence, but a minor problem with mudguard brackets which were failing due to vibration was solved when Silvan came up with a better bracket design.

“I can confidently say that our satisfaction gives us a clear path to another Paddock King.”

But Howard says a similar Paddock Kings is scheduled for a clearing sale in the local district and he expects to have his hand up at the sale.

“My experience says that they hold their resale value well” and he interprets this as a further indication of other farmer’s satisfaction with their choice.

Silvan offers the Paddock King with Polytuff UV stabilised tank options of two, three or four thousand litre capacity with axle choices to suit including single or Simplicity tandem axles.

Each unit is fitted with either a 200 or 300 litre freshwater tank for flushing filters and spray lines and multiple boom widths from 15 up to 30 metres.

In terms of spray controller options, chemical induction units and PTO driven diaphragm pumps there are numerous choices allowing the purchaser to ‘spec’ the sprayer to their own needs and property requirements.

But in making the decision about a new spray rig Howard Hunter’s satisfaction and endorsements should undoubtedly ring in a few farmers’ ears.

Especially given that the traditional cropping districts of central northern New South Wales and southern Queensland with the benefit of recent widespread rains are looking to a favourable seasonal outlook which has been a long time coming.

There’s an expectation afoot that many growers this year will be upgrading their equipment fleets and a broadacre spraying option from the Silvan range that is Australian designed, built and tested will tick a lot of boxes.

For more options and product information contact a local Silvan dealer, or Silvan Australia direct at 1300 SILVAN (1300 745 826) or by emailing