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Turbo Wrap 2 row Vineyard Turbomiser


Brothers Lynton and Geoff Bate have peace of mind when it comes to spraying on their 121 hectares of vines at Mildura thanks to two Silvan TurboWrap sprayers.

Since buying the Silvan twin row TurboWrap sprayers (a 2000 litre and a 3500 litre model), the Bates have dramatically cut their spray application time, reducing fuel and labour costs and allowing them to react quickly to prevailing environmental conditions.

Lynton said that spraying takes less time and the unique wrapping or shaping ability of the Silvan sprayers means chemical coverage and penetration onto the vine is second to none.

“Whether we are spraying at 200 litres per hectare, or up to 500 litres per hectare, the coverage from the TurboWraps is amazing,” Lynton said.

“We bought the 2000 litre TurboWrap first in June last year and after one application, Geoff asked me what I thought. I said it was unbelievable and we ordered the 3500 litre TurboWrap virtually straight away.

“Now we have the TurboWraps, we have cut our spraying time substantially. For example, on our main block which is 73ha, one TurboWrap will cover it in a day-and-a-half. With single row sprayers, that would have taken two people operating two machines, more than two days.

“So now if we are working against the weather, we know that we can have our entire vine crop covered in just 24 hours.”

The Bate family has been growing vines in the Mildura district for almost 30 years. The vines are grown on four separate blocks which Geoff and Lynton have developed virtually from scratch.

The grape varieties include Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Riesling, Cabernet, Columbard, Ruby Cabernet, Shiraz and Petit Verdot. The grapes are all sold under contract to a single wine maker.

Geoff and Lynton bought the TurboWraps through GBC Motors, based at Mildura, where the Bates have been purchasing machinery for about 15 years.

“We have a great relationship with the staff at GBC,” Lynton added.

“We always provide them with feedback on the equipment we buy there, and the feedback on the TurboWraps has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Like all farmers, we reckon there are a few little things that could be improved but overall, the TurboWraps are brilliant.

“The service and back up from GBC is great. They have a dedicated Silvan serviceman and he is very good. If a query can’t be answered on the phone, he will be out and onto the property straight away.”

Lynton, Geoff and their employees initially inspected the Silvan TurboWrap sprayer at a field day.

“We liked what we saw so we asked GBC to organise a demonstration on our property on some heavy foliage. The demo allowed us to compare the TurboWrap to another brand single row air blast sprayer as well as a single row, low-volume sprayer and there was no comparison. It was absolute chalk and cheese in terms of coverage.”

Lynton said liquid coverage on the foliage and fruit is paramount when spraying and the Silvan TurboWrap was simply great at achieving maximum penetration of the canopy. He added that there has also been a definite improvement in their disease and pest management.

In terms of operation, Lynton said the TurboWraps are easy to use.

“Our foreman and other staff agree that they are very simple to operate and can easily be turned around in a 28-foot headland.

“And the computerised spray control is brilliant. We know exactly what’s left in the tank and whether we are spraying at 200 litres/ha or 300 litres/ha, we can travel at 10.0km/hr with excellent penetration.”

Lynton said that he would have no hesitation in buying another Silvan sprayer if it was needed.

“From what we have seen with the TurboWraps, it would pay for itself in the short term.